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What is Smith’s Spin to Win On-Pack Promotion?

Smith’s Spin to Win On-Pack Promotion is an on-pack promotion, where consumers can:
  • “Spin The Wheel” to win up to $1 million in instant cash prizes, plus
  • go into the Major Prize Draw to spin to win for up to $1 million.

Where can I purchase specifically marked products?

Products are available across Australia at your local grocery store, convenience or supermarket.

When can I purchase participating products?

During the Promotional Period: from Sunday 10th March 2019 to 11:59 PM AEST Saturday 1st June, 2019.

What are the participating products?

All packs of Smith’s Chips (45g – 330g, including multipacks).

Who can enter the promotion?

The promotion is open only to legal Australian permanent residents, age 18 or older.

Employees (and immediate family members) of the Promoter and agencies associated with this promotion are ineligible to enter.

How do I enter the promotion?

To enter, you must do the following within the Promotional Period
  1. Purchase any pack of Smith’s Chips from a participating store during the Promotional Period,
  2. Visit www.smithsfortune.com.au, follow the prompts on the promotion entry page, input the required details (including full name, DOB, email address, mobile phone number) and the last five (5) digits of the barcodes located on the back of pack, and
  3. Submit the fully completed entry form and Spin the Wheel.
Proof of purchase: So you can claim your prize, make sure you keep your purchase receipt(s) that clearly specify the store and date of purchase. Remember, you can only enter product barcodes from Smith’s Chips packs purchased during the Promotional Period.

What is a participating store?

A participating store for this promotion is a store in Australia that stocks and sells Smith’s Chips products.

Why do I need to register?

You’ll need to register so that we can (a) verify your eligibility, (b) include your entry in the Major Prize Draw, and (c) contact you if you’re selected as a winner to award your applicable prize.

Where do I find my barcode?

The barcode is the last five (5) digits of the purchased product barcode.

Is your barcode coming up as invalid?

Please check the barcode you have entered and if the product is an eligible product (see ‘Participating Products’ above).

What if the website doesn’t accept my entry?

If you are having issues entering you will receive an on-screen message outlining the error. Please check your internet connection or, contact the Smith’s team using the contact page.

Are all barcodes the same?

All products have an allocated barcode, which will be the same across that particular flavour variant.

What are the prizes I could win?

You could win Instant Win Prizes and/or the Major Prize Draw:
  • Instant Win Prizes: either $20, $50 or $1,000, depending on what segment the virtual “Spin the Wheel” game lands on.
  • Major Prize: The chance to spin the wheel to win up to $1 million. One lucky participant will be drawn from all eligible entries at the conclusion of the Promotional Period. Check out the full terms and conditions for more information.

How do I play ‘Spin The Wheel’ instant win game on the website?

Once you’ve entered the requested details on the entrance page of the website, you’ll then be directed to play the ‘Spin The Wheel’ game.

The ‘Spin The Wheel’ game will contain a virtual wheel, consisting of a combination of winning and non-winning segments. You must follow the prompts on screen to spin the virtual ‘Spin the Wheel’ wheel to reveal whether or not you have won an instant prize.

How do I know if I’m an instant winner?

You will be notified immediately in writing on screen whether or not you have won an instant win prize:
  • If you have won a prize, you will win the prize indicated on screen.
  • If you have not won a prize, you will receive the message “You haven’t won an Instant Win Prize this time but you are in with the chance to win the Major Prize Draw where you could Spin to Win up to $1 million”.

What are the odds of winning an Instant Win Prize?

There are no specific odds of winning an Instant Win Prize: Instant win prizes will be awarded electronically and randomly based on pre-determined times.

How and when will I receive my Instant Win Prize?

All cash prizes will be paid to each winner via a direct EFT transfer into the winner’s nominated bank account. Once Instant Win Prize winners are validated and winners confirm their bank details, their prize will be transferred within 28 days.

I’ve won an Instant Win Prize; can I still enter the Major Prize Draw?

Yes, all valid entries will also go into the Major Prize Draw.

How do I know if I’m the Major Prize Winner?

The Major Prize Winner will be notified by telephone and in writing via email within two (2) business days of the Major Prize Draw.

The Major Prize Draw will be held at 12:00pm AEST at Unit 5, 9 Fitzpatrick Street, Revesby NSW 2212.

Where will the Major Prize Spin The Wheel Event take place?

The Spin The Wheel Event location is still to be confirmed but we’ll let the Major Prize Winner know when we notify them that they’ve been drawn as the Major Prize Winner.

When will the Major Prize Spin The Wheel Event take place?

The Spin The Wheel Event will take place on 14/06/19 at 12:00 AEST.

How will I get to the Spin The Wheel Event if I am the Major Prize Winner?

If the Major Prize Winner lives more than 2 hours by car from the place of the Spin The Wheel Event, travel to and from the Spin The Wheel Event location will be provided to the Major Prize Winner only (not their proxy) up to a maximum value of $1,000.

What happens if I cannot attend the Spin The Wheel Event?

If you are unable to attend the Event, you may participate in the Event via video link or appoint a someone (a proxy) to represent you who is over 18 years of age to participate in the Event on your behalf.

How does the Major Prize Event work?

  1. The “Spin The Wheel” Event will consists of a physical wheel with one hundred (100) prize segments, comprising three types of segments:
    1. 1 segment x $1,000,000.
    2. 5 segments x $50,000.
    3. 94 segments x $2,000 and one (1) year’s supply of Smith’s Chips (valued at $394.80 RRP) for you and a friend.
  1. The Major Prize Winner must spin the physical wheel at the Event and the Major Prize Winner will win the prize specified in the prize segment that the wheel’s ticker lands on, subject to verification by the judges. Only one (1) attempt to spin the wheel will be permitted and, the wheel must make one (1) full/complete revolution before coming to a complete stop on one (1) of the one-hundred (100) segments in order for the spin to be valid.

How will I receive my Spin The Wheel Event Prize?

Any awarded cash prize will be paid via EFT into the winner’s nominated bank account. If the “$2,000 and one (1) year’s supply of Smith’s Chips for you and a friend” prize is awarded, the cash element of the prize will be paid via EFT and the one year’s supply of Smith’s Chips prize will comprise of ten (10) cases of Smith’s Chips and it will be supplied in three (3) separate deliveries to the Major Prize Winner’s nominated address.

Can I enter more than once?

Yes, you may enter a maximum of three (3) times per day during the Promotional Period, subject to the following restrictions: a) Only one (1) entry is permitted per Eligible Product purchased; b) Each entry must be submitted separately and in accordance with other entry requirements.

Where are the terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions are available here.

Do I need to keep my receipt?

Yes, please retain your receipt as proof of purchase. The proof of purchase required is a copy of your receipt with the purchase details and barcode.

I forgot to redeem my prize before the end of the Promotional Period – is it too late?

No, prize winners have until 23:39 AEST on 15 September 2019 to claim their prize.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

You can contact us via the contact page with any questions you may have, and a response will be provided within 2 business days. You may also call the PepsiCo Customer Care phone number 1800 025 789 who will be able to help with your enquiry.